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December 27th, 2013, 08:44 PM
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Oh, the horror! The days I had dreaded have now arrived. Alice's first milk tooth is loose, and her first permanent is peeked out, lined up behind it like a freaking shark tooth.

It's loose enough to hurt when she tries to cut her food, and too stuck in there for me to be able to gently remove it. How long does this process take? Why isn't she being a normal child and tonguing the hell out of it so it can pop out quicker?

Oh, gosh, and I have to really take her to the dentist now. She's never gone. We are very good about cleaning her teeth, but weren't too concerned about her going since her big girl teeth weren't in yet. I just know they will have to knock this child out to do anything. I don't want my baby rendered unconscious.
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