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December 27th, 2013, 09:44 PM
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The other ladies have made some great points! I wanted to chime in to echo the idea that there really never is a 'perfect' time to have a baby. We never know what our life will bring six months, or even six weeks from now. My first child, a daughter, came along much sooner than we were planning. We were married, but planning on waiting several years before having children to (like you) get ourselves better situated financially and so that my husband could get a phD. I got pregnant and it changed a lot of the course of our life -- but honestly completely for the better. That doesn't mean it was always easy and we were definitely tight for the first few years of our marriage, but I think we are much stronger as a couple because of it and now, 10 years later, things are going fabulously in all respects!

More importantly, we adore that girl and can't imagine life without her. On that note, I can't promise that if you go through with the abortion you won't feel guilt or regret, as you think you might. I can, however, absolutely promise that when you give birth to your little son or daughter and they hand him or her into your arms, you will not regret for one second deciding to become a mother. You and Jeramy will never look back and wish this little one away for the sake of bad timing. You've pointed out that you are masters of making things work out and rolling with it -- I know you'll do great and both rise to the occasion of parenthood.

I also want to say that as far as unsupportive relatives go, while they may be upset for a bit now, there's nothing like a baby to heal relationships and soften cranky people. Besides, it sounds like you have a great and committed fiancÚ who's got your back.

Others have mentioned a lot of great programs that will help get you through the rough spot, and your professors will probably be very accommodating as well. One of my friends in college had her first baby in April when she was set to graduate in May, and everyone was very helpful and worked with her to make sure she was able to graduate with no problem.

Anyhow, very best wishes and keep us posted!
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