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December 27th, 2013, 10:46 PM
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When I was 15 I fell pregnant... I know exactly how you feel I absolutely was not ready for a baby and could not support him. I had a lot of family pressure to Abort him but in the end I could not do it.I even had an apt set.. but this was a child inside me and he needed to be in my body to grow, I wanted to choose life for him. I'm sure you can you imagine I was scared out of my mind to tell my Mom but after the shock of it all she was very supportive.. I choose to put him up for Adoption.. I had an open Adoption and I am so happy we did... I love the family who is raising him and he gets to live a life I couldn't have given him. I know how you feel not wanting anyone else to raise your child but this baby is already living so your choosing life or death for Him/Her. You will be without your Baby through Abortion in the most permanent sense ..My son is now going on 8 and he is amazing kid. I get to see him every year and we talk on the phone for hours I get updated pictures and I cant imagine life without him... Please if I can do anything for you Please message me... I pray you will choose life for you child... Your baby is not a bunch of cells as they will tell you they are so much more. please take the time before making your decision to look into the development at this stage it is incredible! I now have 3 more children and one more on the way they are the light of my life please please look past the situation you are in now and try and see what the future holds.

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