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December 28th, 2013, 06:24 AM
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If you think your family would not be helpful at this point in time, I wouldn't breathe a word of it to them. You're right, they're added stress and I don't think that will help you or your fiance.

Top priority (outside of starting prenatal stuff) is to help your fiance. It sounds like he needs more support. Do you know of any friends with kids who arrived on the scene unexpectedly? What about single dads? If you don't know any personally maybe try to research a few good men's groups online that he can vent and ask his questions (respect his privacy in this, he most likely will phrase things or say things that aren't kind. Treat it like a diary).

I think that when people get caught in an unexpected pregnancy the first thing that they do is isolate themselves. Y'all need to get out of your own heads for a bit. You have MONTHS to figure things out, and you will do it. It's just going to be one little bit at a time. Your whole days and nights don't have to be about the pregnancy. Relax. Go for a walk. Have sex (totally safe unless a doctor says otherwise). Try to do positive things for yourselves. Once you guys are used to the idea and are comfortable with each other again, then you can start letting more people know. The more united and strong you are, the less what others say will affect you. Things your mother says now that before would have sent you to the bathroom in tears will just get an eyeroll. She may be your mom, but you're a mom now, too so you've got the Mama Bear juice flowing through you, lol.

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