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December 28th, 2013, 11:19 AM
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You are right, your life will change forever -- but that doesn't mean it will change for the worse! Having a baby in no way means you have to give up on your goals and having a relative who went through med school it's actually soooo much better to have your baby now then later. Having a baby now means that when you start med school your little son or daughter will be well past the infant stage and it will be much easier to go through the rigors of school. Universities and professors are very willing to be flexible and accommodating to pregnant and new mothers, and I have at least one friend who finished a demanding degree in music, delivered her baby in April, and graduated in May. Motherhood will bring great focus and even more maturity.

You have a great support network, and though they may be initially a little disappointed, once you've shown your commitment both to motherhood and to your calling as a doctor, they'll see your strength and welcome this little one with open arms!

Don't stress! The incredible joy you will find in mothering this little baby will be a delight and encouragement to you as you continue to work through your schooling. You've got this!
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