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December 28th, 2013, 02:18 PM
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I think their names suit them, although we mostly call them by nicknames/pet names. For Ashlyn, it's: Ash, little girl, princess, or lady. For Thomas, it's: T-bone, little man, my sweet man, buddy, buddy boy, or muffin. My mother started calling Thomas "T" at the hospital and I put a stop to that right away. I'm sure he'll be a Tom or a Tommy when he gets older, but for now I like to call him Thomas. Some people have gotten confused with Ashlyn's name and call her Ashley (even DH's grandmother called her Ashley at one point) but once I correct them they tell me it's a beautiful name. It means dream and she certainly is my dream baby - she's so calm and peaceful. Thomas' name means twin which is certainly applicable. I named him after my father and he seems to have a fiery temperament just like his grandpa.

I definitely agree though, it was hard deciding whether or not their names would fit them when they were first born but I think as time goes on they'll grow into them.
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