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December 28th, 2013, 02:28 PM
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Laila is a beautiful name and I can't believe your mom is giving you grief about that! :crazy:

Ashlyn and Thomas already seem to be the perfect names for your twins So cool how it all seems to come together!

We had a hard time with names with kiddos, too. When DS was born, I kept calling him sweet baby GIRL (due to DD1) and it took me a couple weeks to stop that! And then same with DD2, following DS, I called her handsome Good grief. This one gets called DD2's name a lot I guess it never ends!

And, yes, we use all the pet names, too... sweet girl, monkey, little love, etc... So much easier to call her that than her true name sometimes (and that was the case with all of them!) I think there is a need to really connect the baby to the name as an identification and it takes me that time, really, so I use pet names.
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