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December 28th, 2013, 03:05 PM
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I got to the mall today to try and find some new work clothes/maternity clothes, got to JCPenny's then Sears, had to pee, went to the bathroom and had brown watery spotting on my panty liner. It went away and by the time I was done in the bathroom when I wiped it wasn't brown anymore.

I went to get a pretzel, sat down and ate it, walked around for about 10 more mins in the mall and decided to run to another store outside the mall. Got there, had to pee again and no spotting but by then I was feeling crampy, period crampy but not strong, just enough to be annoying.

Went to a couple other stores, just got home, still feeling crampy and when I went to the bathroom I had more spotting when I wiped.

I know brown spotting is old blood but it really still bugs me because when I had my miscarriage last year it was brown for 3 weeks, never turned red or got heavy, it was just light spotting, brown, it got a little heavier eventually but it was never soaking through a pad or anything, even after a whole day.

I seriously am getting so annoyed, my next appointment isn't for a couple weeks, I was just in for spotting Tuesday, I am just going to hope this goes away and everything is good.

Now I feel like I don't want to take the tags off of the few maternity clothes that I bought, I spent over $150 and want to be able to take it back if something happens. I hate this feeling, not being able to enjoy my pregnancy because spotting keeps happening, and now cramping.
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