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December 28th, 2013, 03:26 PM
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That must be really draining and hard to cope with. I hope everything is still okay, I bet it is, but it's still so hard to go through the scary spotting on practically a daily basis. Maybe walking irritates your cervix too? Or I guess it could be a number of things but I know only seeing a healthy wiggling baby and hearing their heart beating is one of the only things that brings a temporary peace of mind. I wish your pregnancy wasn't so stressful and that you could enjoy it more, but please hang in there! Don't lose hope. Try to enjoy it the best you can. And take it easy lady! Do you have a doppler? I think you should pick one up if you can. It helped me immensely during those uncertain, stressful times. I would have had some major melt downs if I didn't have the convenience of my doppler at hand whenever I needed it.

((BIG hugs Courtney))

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