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December 29th, 2013, 10:38 AM
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Still getting used to Arabella. I really wanted to use Isabella, but thats way too popular right now, so went with a variation. Not to mention dh really didn't like much that I suggested, but in the end got my way,lol. I really love her name and think its pretty.

I haven't really had any negativity , except my grandma just said its different which has me thinking she doesn't care for it. Also, my FIL kept calling her ARAB for short. He wanted us to name her Grace Arabella, instead of the other way around to honor his mom who passed in January. Her first name was Grace. I think my MIL talked to him about calling her that, because he stopped. It just doesn't sound like a nice nickname.

I call her squishy and peanut,like some of you guys. She is the smallest of all my babies. I eventually will just call her Bella.
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