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December 30th, 2013, 08:35 AM
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maybe it's the hormones. idk.

DH and i were discussing our labor plans for this baby. the biggest issue (not really an issue, but could be) is that a week after baby is due, is CountryFest. this is in Cadott, WI and DH's parents go every year. on Christmas eve, since SIL's baby is due the same frickin' week as me (don't get me started on that), we all decided that they would still go. except if a baby was born while they were away, they would come back. and SIL wasn't very happy with that (not entirely sure why). i figure they're adults, they should be allowed to go with friends.

well because of this, i told DH we needed to put someone else on deck to take the boys, should we go into labor while they were gone. not a big deal, as he has a very large family. and since we live on the same block as one of his aunts (who i just adore) during the Christmas day party, i asked her if it would be ok if we could depend on her to take the kids. which was, surprise, not a problem at all.

DH's BIL was sitting in the same room when i was talking to her about this and at some point, went and told SIL. after we left the party, some hours later, SIL texts DH at how hurtful we were being for not considering them to babysit if we were in labor and how they've always been there for us (HA) and blah blah blah.


first of all, tell it to MY face since it was MY idea to use [aunt] and don't drag DH into it. waiting until we leave to send a text? real cool.

second, you'll probably already have a new born baby, plus a 1yr old and an 8yr old, and you really want my two kids at the same time?

finally, we aren't getting along so you're the last person i would trust with my kids right now. if it wasn't [aunt] it would be another one, or my mom, or a cousin.

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