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December 30th, 2013, 10:36 AM
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28 +1 wweeks

Quick update as I'm poorly sick with a horrible cold yuckyness.

Last week was busy fot baby, had my gtt Christmas eve, yep it was as gross as expected but I did manage the 2 hours without vomiting! I also had my routine 28 week bloods taken which just check up on me, including for anaemia.

I saw my midwife on Friday - got my anti-d jab, and the practice nurse for my pertussis jab. I hot my results too, I passed the gtt and im not anaemic yay!

This weekend I had a couple of horrendous nose bleeds, I can't remember the last time I had a nose bleed before now . Its worse with such a sensitive gag reflex that it makes you vomit. Oh the mess.

Since boxing day ive been feeling more sick, with a cough stuffy nose and sore throat and ear ache. I'm currently missing good cold remedies that are actually effective but lying in bed with my little man kicking away does help. I'm stuck with hot lemon, olbas oil and paracetamol. Anyone with any other tips please shout up! My m/s has upped its game again as im waking up with so much rubbish on my chest in a morning and my gag reflex is so sensitive after 28 weeks of vomiting.

My little man is getting more and more active and strong. I'm feeling him all the time now and getting to know what makes him wriggle more lol. I love it!

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