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December 30th, 2013, 03:56 PM
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Met the new MW today and her apprentice. Her apprentice is on the last leg of her apprenticeship so she's going to "deliver" my baby, which is fine by me because I really like her.

The MW and I are going to butt heads on a few things like diet and testing. Apparently if you don't get these two certain blood tests (I'll have to ask her the name) and we DID have to be transferred to a hospital it's an automatic call to CPS (or whatever it's called). Not by her, but by the hospital. She says even still we can decline w/e we want, she just wants us to understand the laws there (Arkansas is where she is, I live in MO).

I declined AFP, she was fine w/ that.
I told her I'll do GBS but if it's + that I'll treat naturally and that's what she likes to do too.
I told her that I don't do the diabetes testing, with my diet it'd be an automatic fail putting that much sugar into my body. Anyway, she was like "Well if there is stuff showing in your urine what about ______" and I told her that if there are any red flags I'm not going to ignore them, but I don't "just test" automatically.

Anyway, it was a good appt. Uterus is just below the belly button from what the MW and her apprentice measured. The apprentice wasn't used to feeling a 12 wk uterus, I guess their patients don't have their 1st appt until later on. She was happy I let her poke around all she wanted

I didn't bring up the outdoor stuff b/c we hadn't heard the HB by that point, I wanted to make sure there was a kid in there before I went in w/ the nitty gritty stuff.

Honestly, I'm not too sure how she's going to react

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