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December 31st, 2013, 07:08 PM
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Hi I'm new here. 20 yrs old... I'm delayed on my period, but not trying to conceive...

My last period was on Nov 20-23 (4 days). I had sex with my bf on the 25th (2 days after my period). We only do it during the safe days(before and after period), withdrawal method.

Today is the 42nd day since my last period. HPT this morning was negative, and
also on December 27th was negative...

I also had really bad stomach cramps this morning, and last night I felt my
breasts were full and when I peed I felt "like I would have it" but it didn't
come out.

I have a regular cycle but it keeps on getting longer.

june 10 - 27 days
july 7 - 29 days
august 5 - 35 days
sept 9 - 34 days
october 13 - 38 days
november 20 -?

I am wondering if I am irregular again since there was a time that I didn't have
period for 3 months and became irregular -OR- am I getting preggy? We are
planning to get tested this coming Saturday in a facility if I still won't get
my period by Friday (45th day)

Would like to hear some thoughts/opinion with my situation, thanks
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