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January 1st, 2014, 12:37 AM
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Originally Posted by navywifey2003 View Post
We got Payson's name from Make it or Break it on ABC family. I act like I have it all together when I'm reality I'm falling apart. I hate the way I look and I question my ability to raise these babies in a way that they will be contributing members of society.
Umm... I loved that show. Haha.

Your kids are going to be amazing people when they grow up!! Don't you worry about that at all! You are doing a fantastic job! And trust me when I say you aren't alone in not liking how you look. I am stepping up my game starting today... Not as a new year's resolution bc I don't do those, but just bc I am sick of not having any clothes that fit and hating how I look in what I do have to wear. I feel so blahhhh. And it doesn't help at all that I have Cyndi Lauper/Pat Benatar hair. I look like a crazy person with all these inch long hairs sticking up all over my head!

Originally Posted by MerinSun View Post
I love the name "Rory." If I had had a girl she would have been named Lorelai so that I could call her "Rory" (ala Gilmore Girls).
That is my favorite show of all time!
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