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January 1st, 2014, 08:15 AM
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I don't know what resources you've read in the past so don't mind me....

Read as much as you can! Also, I love The Business of Being Born and More Business of Being Born (which is a 4 part series, love love love episode 1, 2, 3, I haven't seen 4 yet, it's about csections).

I understand the knowing of having the medical stuff there. You can think of it this way:

A hospital and OBs mode of care is very hands on, they don't have to look for the red flags like a MW (homebirth or birth center) does because they have all their equipment if "they screw up" or something, if that makes sense.

Midwives are extremely attentive to a woman's body and baby's signals. For any "life saving" emergency care that needs to be done, there are many red flags that will show up beforehand that a MW will recognize, and transfer you if need be BEFORE it ever becomes a "life saving" issue. Does that make sense? I think I said that right... it's explained much better in "More Business of Being Born" episode 1 I believe.

There's a lot of resources here and on the web in general, ask away

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