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January 1st, 2014, 07:58 PM
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No morning sickness at all!! Which is so weird, I had awful morning sickness up until roughly 10-11 weeks so bad that my dietician said I had hyperemsis gravidarium! Right now my morning sickness is a 0!!

On the other hand my belly is round now and showing, and I have the linea negra and also a little sprinkling of acne, lol.

The times I feel the most pregnant are when I am standing up and can feel the baby move. My placenta is anterior (upper left anterior), so the Dr said I will feel movement later. That is probably why I never feel him move when I'm sitting or lying down. But the moment I stand up, if he's awake it's a totally different story! It's like YES, I am pregnant and the baby is saying hi lol.
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