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January 1st, 2014, 11:12 PM
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You can get pregnant at any time, even when ON your period. That's why the withdraw method has the highest failure rate of all forms of birth control. Many people who do withdraw also practice the rhythm method where the woman takes daily basal temps., tracks everything, etc. But your cycle MUST be regular for it to work at all, and even then it still has a higher failure rate than condoms, pills, etc.

Because your cycles are long and irregular (some women with long cycles can ovulate twice between periods, btw) you need to talk to your doctor about why that is happening and if hormonal BC can get it back on track. Until then, use condoms. If the cramping gets too awful or you develop a fever, go to the ER.

Edit: actually, see your doctor right away. You may have a UTI. That would explain the cramps and the urge to pee without anything happening.

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