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January 2nd, 2014, 03:18 AM
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Originally Posted by redbirds View Post
Cute siggy and good to see you back! So many people have dropped off for the dreaded *cough* beloved FB. Hope your kiddos are doing great and Happy New Year!

Several of us have also added to our families since our Sweet Peas. I've got 2 additional DD's, one is 20 months and one is 4 weeks
Its funny how you say beloved FB ha ha because i deleted my account for good about 6 weeks ago.
I have DD who is now 14 months old-born the night before Halloween -9 days early brought on by epidural and plenty of complications.

CONGRATS on your two wee additions to your family babies are awesome

What are your children's names?
And come to think of it- i remeber you a little bit- you used to have the "bird" as your profile picture a while ago- am i right?
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