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January 2nd, 2014, 09:25 AM
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my 4yo, about 9 months ago, broke out in a really random rash that started on his butt/back of his thighs. it was a red rash with white raised bumps, and some bumps were much larger then others. over a day or so it moved throughout his body. but it would jump around. for example, daycare would call and say the rash is on his shoulder. then 20min later, it was gone. but would show back up on his leg, or his back, etc. and he had complained that they were very itchy.

ofcourse i took him to the doc and they told me he was having an allergic reaction to something. but what, was what i needed to find out. so all that night i made a list of what he had eaten and nothing really stuck out as being something that he had never had before. spagetti, raviolis, pizza (we like italian ) and peanut butter sandwiches. the doctor mentioned that peanut allgegies were incredibly common in children.

so i told daycare, and we put a cabosh to the peanut butter for him. after a few weeks, i decided i would 'try' to give him peanut butter and see if he reacted, that way i would be able to know for sure what it was. he had a little less than half a sandwich with creamy peanut butter, no reaction.

after that, since he didn't break out anymore, we kind of left it alone (but still kept the peanut butter away from him). a few days ago we were out shopping and went to a restauraunt. he kept itching the side of his face and finally i turned his head towards me to see, and his face was starting to break out. we went home and i told him to take off all his clothes so i knew where to apply the calomine lotion, and his entire back was broken out, his left wrist was probably the worse, his stomach and even some on his legs. DH was home with them the entire week so i asked him 'what has he been eating' and DH really couldnt give me an answer.

when i started asking Kale what he had eaten, he didn't want to tell me because he thought he would be in trouble. turns out what i got out of him was that he had eaten some puppy chow (the desert not the dog food lol) which has peanut butter in it, and these peanut butter cookies. i let a few days pass, and decided to give him chunky peanut butter (with more of the peanut) to see what happened. and he had a very very very very minor reaction. had maybe a few red areas with a few raised white bumps, but he swore nothing was itchy and it went away pretty quickly. now i'm all confused lol HELP!
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