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January 2nd, 2014, 10:16 AM
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Yup! It's rare, but has been known to happen. A woman can actually get pregnant by two different men during the same cycle that way. Again, rare, but known to happen. Pretty much, if you're fertile and your partner is fertile you can get pregnant at any time.

I would definitely get seen by your doctor today (if you haven't already made an appointment) for a possible UTI. You want to stay on top of that because it can spread to your bladder and kidneys pretty fast. I would also discuss with your doctor this new and sudden change in your cycles. It could be a lot of things, including just stress. But a woman's disrupted cycle can be a sign of other things.

If you do continue to use the withdraw method I strongly recommend that you pick up a few books about natural planning methods and join a support group. I will caution you that doing this will still leave you with greater odds of a pregnancy. Only continue the withdraw method/natural family planning if you are comfortable with the idea of getting pregnant in the next year or two. Some women can use these methods to avoid getting pregnant for a few years, but the majority of women do not see such high success rates. If you are not prepared for a pregnancy, I urge you to find a more statistically reliable method. There are a lot of different kinds to suit most women's needs

Hope that helps and good luck!

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