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January 2nd, 2014, 03:02 PM
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My appointment this morning went really well. I was up 2 lbs, which I considered a success especially with all over the holiday/birthday overindulging I did. I was happy with the number and now that the holidays are over I will be watching what I eat more closely. We heard the heartbeat with the doppler as well. It was really super faint and only for a second but it was 160. We talked about scheduling the big u/s and I was supposed to get it scheduled but he forgot to circle it on my paperwork so I will just schedule it next time I go. It's only 6 weeks away! I scheduled Jan 30th for my next appt but I am going to call and change it to the 31st instead. The 31st is my birthday and I didn't realize it but DH took that day off. Two weeks later I will go for my u/s (which should be Valentine's Day).
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