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January 2nd, 2014, 04:01 PM
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Oh no!!! Im so sorry *hugs* So are they going to put you under or just numb it up a lot? I actually discovered a rly bad cavity I couldnt see it but it started hurting very slightly, and Im going to have to have it filledor a root canal pending on how bad it is. I also have a few more cavities ( I used to be bad w flossing) and I havent had dental ins in aboout 10 yrs so I havent been... Ive had these cavities a good 3 yrs but have just tried to prevent them from getting worse butnow that we are more able financially,I have to get the bad one done and try to get the little ones filled. But I hope everything goes well on saturday, Im sure it will be ok esp since your ob is aware.

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