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January 2nd, 2014, 05:24 PM
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I haven't heard of perineal massage during labour making a difference during second stage in labour with regards to tears, so unsure if this actually contributed towards no tearing in your previous birth. There is evidence to suggest frequent perineal massage prior to labour onset can make a difference. Water does help prevent tearing the only other research I've found whilst studying as a student midwife that can also prevent tearing is a warm compress on the perineum during the second stage. Hands on/off does not appear to make a difference-by hands on/off I mean some midwives apply their palm to fetal head to help control speed of fetal head delivery. If you're wanting hands off as in nothing applied to perineum at all I would do as you say and massage the perineum during pregnancy and attempt water birth as long as you are comfortable. One if the main factors that comes in to play during second stage and tearing is the elasticity of mums skin, fetal position and head diameter.
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