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January 3rd, 2014, 04:56 AM
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Sometimes I worry, because I've had things happen to friends that were pretty devastating in pregnancies. One of my very close friends gave birth this past May to a 19 week old daughter (after her heart stopped from many things that were wrong with her- this all said, they had known since week 13 that things weren't right, so they had warning). But stuff like that can happen. I try not to dwell on it, though. Right NOW everything is ok with my little girl. I focus on that. I was more worried in the first trimester- before I heard her heart, saw her on ultrasound, etc. In the first 12 weeks. But I'm way more relaxed now. I know the risk of miscarriage drops so much, so I try and remember that.

I want to enjoy my pregnancy, I've had a really really good one so far. So I just focus on it.

I do worry more about my husband and his safety a bit more now? He's a police officer, and I've never really worried about that before. Now when he leaves the house, all I can think of is high speed chases, drugs, guns.. and I get nervous that something will happen to him before he even sees his daughter. Since I've never really been scared of his job, I just chalk that up to hormones? Or maybe I've just turned into a nervous person since pregnancy! lol

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