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January 3rd, 2014, 05:02 AM
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Hi my son is 7 and has been having similar problem since he was 3, He hasn't been diagnosed with anything, but his school head teacher has said something isn't right, and she believes he has something, although she isn't sure what. He has a child educational psychologist visting him at school, she has been twice so far. his teacher has suggested getting him tested for ADHD, but his doctor dismissed it after seeing him for the first time for 2 minutes, he said he stood to still, really that's what he said. He said he would speak to the school and send him to a psychiatrist to discover why he behaved badly and to deal with him bad behaviour, which he hasn't done, nor spoken to the school.

He doesn't sleep, is awake until about 11 every night even though he is in bed by 7.i have tried everything to get him to go to sleep earlier from removing all toys from his room to long lavender filled baths, nothing works. he is awake from 5 everyday and still runs around everyday playing his school know this an have said he doesn't act tired or anything there, so I know its not him being tired that causes his problems. I will briefly explain what he is like and then hopefully if you can give me any insight or suggestions it will be welcome.

He is a very bright little boy and when is teacher can get him to do work in class he is able to do work way above his age level, he is loves reading and knowing facts and he is reading is at a level normal for a 12 year old, in maths he works at a 10 year level but finds this lot more boring so his teacher struggles to get him to complete work.

The problem is other then sleeping he just doesn't stop, he is constantly moving around and not sitting still, he has huge temper tantrums, and is violent to me, his teachers and his older sisters, as well as his school friends. He has bitten, punched, kicked and thrown chairs at the head teacher.
He wont do as he is told and if told to do something he doesn't want to do he completely looses it and cries and screams then starts kicking etc. He knows he will always end up doing it any way so I am unsure why he does this. occasionally he will just do it but everyday task such as tidying his room cause huge problems and take him 4 hours instead of 5 mins as they is only a tiny amount of toys out. At tea time he constantly fidgets and swings on his chair, at school they have removed it for fear he will fall off it, so he stands and they find he does more work and he will fidget and move round while he works. His teacher is fantastic and has got him a box of things to fiddle with during class discussions, to help him sit still and concentrate. he is able to go to her if he needs to talk or calm down even if she is teaching another class. My worry is his next teacher wont be so understanding. Although his school have been very good and understanding, the head has told me one more incident and he will be expelled as they can not handle him when he kicks off, if he is violent I have to leave work to collect him from school, which he hates as he loves school. So I know he isn't just doing it to come home.

He is very sensitive and always kicks off if something in his eyes isn't fair, if his older sister calls him a name he will just cry and then hit her and wont understand why he gets into trouble. he cries a lot over silly things and I think he is immature for his age, I have 4 children 12, 9, 7 and 2 he acts like the 2 year old. He was the same before 2 year old was born and nothing in his life changed to cause it.

He does silly things without thinking, he has jumped down stairs causing a cut on his head, swong on safety gates which he fell and split his head open which I had to get glued, even though he still does this, he has put his whole hand on a iron, even though he know it was on and he said he knew it would burn him, etc. when I ask him why he just says he doesn't know and couldn't stop himself. I find him downstairs when I am in bed messing with the oven etc. I am so scared he will hurt himself I now lock him in his room whilst I am asleep. as he doesn't seem to understand the danger of what he does.

I am sorry this is so long I am just at my witts end and do not know what to do as I have problems with hime everyday and the other 3 children don't behave like this. Any advice or suggestion would be helpful. Thank you for your time.
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