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January 3rd, 2014, 08:46 AM
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Not much for me to report today, as far as symptoms go. Feel pretty much the same as I ever do. Breasts tender, but not very, and I haven't noticed any CM today so far. Not really getting my hopes up, but I also know it's not over until AF shows Might test tomorrow or might wait an extra day. My temp was up a bit today, which was nice, but it wasn't higher than normal for me, so again, not really getting my hopes up from it. Last month I got my hopes up way too high and then was totally crushed when AF showed, so I'm trying not to repeat that!

I started testing at 7 DPO last cycle, so I managed to wait until 9 DPO this month... that's an improvement! I can't test several times a day because I only have 3 tests left, so I'm rationing them out As soon as I have a temp drop indicating AF coming I'll order some more, along with some OPKs. Actually I told myself if my temp was the same or lower today I would order them this morning, but lo and behold, my temp went up 0.2 degrees.

Anyone having any new or better symptoms today?? Or anyone test? I'm dying to see someone get a BFP!! Jenny, your chart is looking awesome, btw. Social, when are you planning on testing again? Kelley, any good symptoms for you?
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