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January 3rd, 2014, 10:18 AM
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People have this huge assumption/stereotype with mental illnesses. My dad has been living with Bi-polar since practically the day i was born (thats the time he said that he noticed something was off with him). He finally got help when i was 21...I think its a feeling for them (especailly guys) that they're not crazy so they dont need to see anybody for it or fix anything because they refuse to be "crazy" even though its affecting the people he loves, although he really doesnt realize it. I would just reiterate the fact to him that noone has to know that he's taking meds for it or seeing someone about it, its his own battle not anyone elses. and really put it in perspective for you how much its hurting you and the kids. I always wished my mom had had the guts to say something to my dad about it. This is what i use to tell my mom.."are the good times really worth all these bad times, is it worth having your kids be scared?" and if he still refuses to get help, maybe its time to move on. Just speaking from a kid point of view.
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