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January 3rd, 2014, 10:57 AM
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1. If you had a natural childbirth:

a. Did you choose it consciously and why?
I knew I wanted a NCB before we conceived. My mother's 3 births were more or less natural so I figured I'd take a crack at it. My resolve to attempt one only grew as I did my research. Initially it was just a gut instinct that it was better for me and baby. As time went on I grew to feel that avoiding intervention and placing myself in a loving natural environment (my local birth center) would not only FEEL better but is safer than a hospital birth.

b. Looking back - were you happy with your decision (would you do it again?).
Absolutely! Planning to do it again this June!

c. If you have any regrets about your choice - what were they?
I wouldn't change a thing.

d. If you had any revelations/inspirations/discoveries about yourself, your partner, your relationship etc during your natural childbirth - what were they?
I felt very powerful and that feeling carried on after the birth. I think it made my first few months as a mother so much easier because I had so much self confidence. I knew to trust my instincts and my body.

e. What was most important for you during childbirth? (i.e. privacy, support, environment) and why?
The knowledge I'd accrued over the previous 9 months, my confidence in my body, and my amazing support people. They just let me do my thing.

2. If you are planning a natural childbirth:
a. Why did you choose it?
Worked well last time

b. In the course of your pregnancy - have your attitudes changed towards (been changing) towards childbirth? What are the most important influences?
See above.

c. Do you have a birthplan for your natural childbirth? What are the most important points in it? Have you discussed it with your medical practitioner (who will deliver your baby), who did they take it?
My midwives and I are in the same page. Their standard care goes along with everything I want. I won't have to fight. I wish all women had access to my birth center.

3. For all
a. If you were to watch a film about natural childbirth (and natural, "connected" pregnancy), what would be interesting for you to see (now that you are pregnant/have had your baby recently)?
Most films I've seen feature first time moms or moms seeking VBACs. I think this creates a feeling of the unknown rather than a feeling of power and confidence. I feel like women trying NCB for the first would benefit from seeing a mixture of experience levels. I would also want to see how older siblings play a role in the birth.
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