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January 3rd, 2014, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by dmreed32 View Post
I pretty much feel like I am the world's worst, laziest mom. Ok I know there are abusive, neglecting moms that are worse, but you KWIM? I never got the trees properly decorated - I threw some lights on and Easton put some of the non glass ornaments on. The house was such a disaster I didn't even get any Christmas tree pictures on Camden's first Christmas because there was no angle you couldn't see the horrible mess and the tree wasn't done anyway. When I don't work til the afternoon, I will sleep with Camden some days and not accomplish a thing. This house is too small and I don't keep it clean enough (my husband does ALOT of the cleaning but it is not clean enough, you know) so Camden doesn't really get enough floor time and I feel like he is going to be behind and it is my fault. I am seriously just so tired all the time. I work crazy hours and will finally be back to a normal schedule this week. My husband has stepped it up being with the boys so much while I am gone plus doing a large amount of the household stuff. ugh I am a loser!
aw *hugs* i know how you feel! there are many days where not a whole lot gets done, if anything. this is embarrassing- but there are days i dont even brush my teeth or HAIR until i go to bed! part of it is laziness, the other part is i just dont get a lot of free time to myself. hailey is kind of high maintenance and takes up a lot of my time, even if it's just sitting with her. i always feel guilty if there's dishes in the sink or the floor is a complete mess. but i just remind myself that my kids are well taken care of and they are happy!
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