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January 3rd, 2014, 01:35 PM
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Tub time is the best time for my LO. He just loves sitting in the water and, well, throwing things at me. So, we have lots of little balls and toys for him. The worst time used to be when I would get him to clean up his toys. It wasn't good enough to just put the toys in the hanging basket, or even to throw them in there. So, because I hate ending a good time with a bad experience I went on the search for another method.

I found this Super Scoop (Amazon: Lady Bug Bath Toy Super Scoop Rinse and Drain Organizer).... I got it and noticed a difference with clean up time the first time I put it in the tub. He couldn't get enough of 'fishing,' as we call it! The holes are big enough to let plenty of water out but not too big. The handle works great for his little hands too! Plus, it helps him with hand/eye coordination.

Anyone else find a great product like this and have an easier time teaching the rambunctious toddler about organization?
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