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January 3rd, 2014, 05:17 PM
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And honestly still a little bit concerned. I've been really sore/achy on my abdomen since last night about 7p. It hurts if there is anything pushing on my stomach, and it gets a little worse when I'm up. Sitting isn't even comfortable. Everything hurts but laying on my side and even then I still ache. I did get in to see the Dr today, and they said everything seemed fine but if anything changes to call them and head to the birth center. They checked for previa, I don't have a fever, and am not having contractions/cramps. So I'm sure everything is most likely okay.
They said it might just be because I've had a cold. They would normally say it's from coughing, but I haven't been coughing and when she checked my lungs were clear. My sinuses are just really stuffed up. She checked my over pretty good though, and baby boy's heart rate and movements are fine. I just can't help but being a little worried still.

Anyway they said to take Tylenol and take a bath, but that didn't do much. I've been drinking a lot of water also. Is there anything else that might help?? Any other suggestions you ladies might have?

Also, thanks for letting me complain a bit. I'm just really not comfy.
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