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January 3rd, 2014, 09:12 PM
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Joy, it could be a combo of things, and most likely is. Thing is, the only part that is achy is my abdomen? Pregnancy pains are weird.

I'm not sure. I just know it seemed abnormal to me, so that's why I went in today. I feel like baby boy is okay right now, but also like there is something weird with my body. That may just be because of me not feeling well this week. I was honestly wondering if I had a uti or something when I called the Dr this morning.

You don't sound weird or silly to me. I think we have a definite instinct when it comes to our bodies and babies that we need to listen/pay attention to. That seems like a good way to do it. Thanks!

Also, I have epsom salts, and didn't even think to use them earlier. Feeling a little silly. I've been so stressed/spacy today....
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