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January 4th, 2014, 09:35 AM
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Her pedi says if they try to send Isabel home this time without 24 hour observation, that I need to call them so they can talk to the hospital.

Isabel has been sick for the last week and the first ER doctor said asthma. But it's not. She's not responding to her albuterol treatments, the steroids didn't help, and the cough medicine isn't suppressing her cough.

Last night before bed she coughed until her lips turned blue. Then in the middle of the night--I think after a coughing fit, but after what happened, I just honestly can't even remember because I panicked--but Isabel went limp and unresponsive in my arms. I patted her, and bounced her, no response. I jumped up and started yelling for my husband to call 9-1-1, and he's freaking out and I'm freaking out and trying to get her to respond. I honestly had a moment there was I thinking she CAN'T be dead. This can't happen. Something needs to work to bring her back". My husband grabbed her from me so I could go grab the phone and he could start CPR but as soon as I gave her to him she finally "came to". She was smiling afterward and is "fine" now. I'm not so fine.

She had more coughing fits through the night and she is fine now. sometimes she coughs until she throws up. I blame the doctors at the ER for not listening to me the first time. I told them this is NOT asthma and they didn't even hear her cough, they just listened to her lungs and said "asthma" and no matter what I said they just said "asthma can cause that too". I do believe doctors are capable of saving lives and appreciate their role for that, however, I hate how they often SUCK at diagnosing and so are incapable of doing what they are capable of many times.

Anyway, her coughing is worse at night and the ER needs to see her when she's having those fits, so we are taking her in tonight, maybe around 4 or so, so that they can see how she is during the day for a few hours compared to how she gets at night. I fear if I bring her in too early, they will send her home. And if I bring her in when the coughing starts, they will just send her home when she is "better" in the morning. They need to see that she can be fine during the day and then AWFUL at night so when she is fine the next morning they will know she can still have a huge coughing attack at night.

I am taking her to a different hospital, too. Wish us luck.
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