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January 4th, 2014, 12:36 PM
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so a little update I guess and some venting... I did talk to him not so much about needing help on the OCD but finding middle grounds for disciplining the girls and he basically told me no, we don't need too. He will continue his and I should continue my way. I replied by telling him that if we continue to do it that way we will start to resent each other... to which he claims he wont, he hasn't felt the slightest restraint towards me. which is nice but I don't believe him seeing how every time he does "his" method and I walk in to see what is going on he throws is hands in the air and either says "oh mom to the rescue" or "why do I even bother". I did tell him though that I am feeling some towards him because I do not like him using the "scare tactic" as a method of discipline
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