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January 4th, 2014, 04:33 PM
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Oooo this is tough! First off, CONGRATS! Not just on the new baby but for being a strong enough of a person to know what kind of person is healthy or not healthy for you!

As for custody things, I think you're going to need a counselor or a legal aid. I know that sounds awful but if he is that needy and doesn't seem like he's going to respect your boundaries I would get an iron clad legal agreement asap. Unless you can prove that his lifestyle and home are unsafe for a baby I don't think you can deny him access to this baby. So something is going to have to be worked out.

I think you can do this. You know what babies are like and how crazy and nutso life can get when they show up. You're going to have extra challenges but hopefully they'll be more mole hills than mountains .

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