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January 4th, 2014, 06:57 PM
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Today is january the 4th. my period was due on january 2nd. instead of the usual blood i had several instances of brown discharge but when i wiped there was some blood.

i have been on birth control for coming up on a year for body issues. i had unprotected sex on december the 20th. i have a slightly irregular period.

so on the day of my period i had some brown discharge. the next day i had some more brown discharge later on. took a pregnancy test. Negative. later that evening i had a bloody and brown discharge like period. the next day woke up with nothing. later on i had just slight light brown discharge and my panties were soaked with a clear watery liquid. not much of an odor either.

me and my boyfriend are so scared. i know implantation happens before your period begins. and brown usually means old blood. before my period began i had horrible horrible cramps. and when period began i had normal period cramps on and off. as we speak i am having terrible cramps.

am i pregnant? is this brown stuff my period or like implantation? i need help. please. i am so scared.
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