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January 4th, 2014, 06:58 PM
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We had part timers at Deloitte especially in Report Services (ie those that print and put together the final reports and financial statements and tax returns etc. that clients receive), but there was the expectation of some extra time during busy season. I think they would be looking now for people. I can at least ask if they are looking for any part-time ones.

The play date went amazing. I feel so bad for the one little girl though, she's 6 weeks older than Cam (so 18 months old). She is so far behind him from a gross motor skill, fine motor skill, and even language perspective. While Cam is pretty advanced from a gross motor skill perspective, this little girl's mother smoked the entire pregnancy, and not just cigarettes, and I think its had an impact on her in all 3 areas. I haven't seen her since she was like 9-10 weeks old so I had no idea. My friend that is due 10 days ahead of me said she thought she might be behind, but as she is pregnant with her first, she had no idea what the milestones might be. I just brushed it off thinking she was exaggerating. It was actually quite upsetting. The other little girl was fantastic though, she's 8 months older than Cam so obviously much more advanced than him, but it was SOOOOOO cute when they were leaving and we said "Cam give Leah a hug" and they both leaned their heads on each others' shoulders so cute! We see them much more often though. Overall a good day to see some friends.

Bearing down for our 20cm tomorrow! Anyone else expecting lots of snow?
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