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January 5th, 2014, 07:27 AM
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I would probably call a little sooner than when you feel pushy, unless you typically take a while to push, ive pushed all my kids out in like 3-4 pushes so that would be a little too late for my comfort level.

Id probably call when you get to that transition place, i can tell when that is because generally i puke/feel sick at that point (i know so glamorous) i can also tell im getting near the pushy stage when my contractions stop hurting in front and only hurt in my back (but i dont know if thats true for all women or just something my body does)

id probably discuss more (and im sure you will) about how you want your labour to go, and how youre a hands off person, if she is great with that then you will know you can call her sooner, but if you feel like shes resisting it and you dont think you will get the birth you are hoping for with her around then dont call until you get closer to pushing
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