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January 5th, 2014, 10:31 PM
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Okay, with you still on birth control I think it's probably safe to assume (along with a negative pregnancy test) that you are not pregnant. If you continue to worry about pregnancy add condoms to your routine along with the birth control you already take. Doubling up can't hurt, and using condoms every time protects you from the possibilities of STDs, especially considering that there are a number of them that do not show symptoms in men but can be damaging to female fertility. And even if your current boyfriend doesn't have any it's a good habit to get into. That way if he's not the last man you have sex with you have set yourself up to be protected. As for the not normal period you just had, I do still suggest you make a trip to see your doctor. At 18 your confidentiality is yours, if you don't want your doctor to talk to your parents about your health they can't. You are a legal adult, and have gained the responsibility of being the boss of your body and health. Obviously I am not your parents so I can't speak for them, but have told both of my teenagers that if they think they are old enough to make a decision to have sex that I expect them to also be old enough to talk to me about it. You may want to consider talking to your mom or dad about sex (even if you dont' tell them everything yet) but start the conversation. Sometimes it can be easier to air some things out instead of hiding them.
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