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January 6th, 2014, 03:32 AM
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ok, I just realized tonight maybe I might be pregnant..

I consider myself one of the lucky ones as I do not cramp before or during my period or really bloat. I do not get any type of pain and sometimes I am not even sure it is coming unless I wake up with a headache my body feels slightly weird.

Anyway, last month i had sex at the end of my cycle on December 4th. On December 16th, i had the worst stomach burning sensation i have ever encountered..and I did not want to walk and i felt cramps. As you all know from what I described above this is unusual and I really got scared i almost wanted to go to the doctor. The next 2 days i felt weird had a few cramps with extreme bloat and constipation. Then 2 days after I was to start my period nothing really happened except spotting and by the third and 4th days i needed a pad but it was really nothing and it went on very very light for a few more days then nothing. I was very moody and light headed. It is been a week and i realized that i am peeing a lot and i am still a bit l bloated. I took a test I had in the house but it was near its expatriation date and it was negative. Am I over thinking this? Should I take another test?
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