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January 6th, 2014, 10:01 AM
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I'll send a message out

We're doing ok with the storms, I'm at work right now but we're watching, and if the blowing gets worse, my boss i sending us home. Cam was the only one to go to daycare today...whoops lol. I hope to leave early to grab him.

We got so much snow, I couldn't open the back door to the deck to let the dog out this morning lol. You guys are both more in the snow belt than I are you guys doing?!?!

I'm worried about the temp drop coming...last week I had issues starting my car and it wasn't quite as cold as what they are calling for tomorrow.

My DH is amazing though, he leaves about 2 hours before me, and he cleaned off my car, and shovelled a path from the door to my driver's side, and to my passengers side (since Cam sits on that side). He is so sweet sometimes!
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