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January 6th, 2014, 10:27 AM
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So BFN at 12DPO along with a temp drop this morning.

Next cycle I'm still going to temp, use softcups and preseed. But this time I'm going to focus on me. I have not been working out or watching my diet because I had been worried it could have some negative effect if I got pregnant. So I'm going to start counting calories and working out hardcore again. I'm not having a procedure done on my knee to help me run until the 17th, but I have plenty of strong pain killers to help be get through it until then.

I hate to say this, and DH disagrees but I don't want a winter baby so if it does not happen this next cycle we are moving on to NPNT. We have well over a foot of snow right now, and it's -14. Getting to a hospital to deliver in this weather would be very difficult. I also worry about my child's birthday parties. No one is going to want to go to a kids birthday party in the middle of the winter when it's ice cold out and snowing. And with the holiday's, getting people to show up would be difficult. I really don't want an October baby but going to try anyway. Both my birthday and our anniversary are in october...

Ugh, I never thought TTC would be so hard. I guess it's karma. We did everything we could to prevent pregnancy for over 9 years, and I feel like it's caught up with us. I feel like I'm broken or being punished. Plus we found out DH has low T, so that does not help us feel better.

I send prayers and baby dust to everyone on here TTC.
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