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January 6th, 2014, 11:28 AM
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29+1 weeks

Its been a lurgy and germy filled week here, I'm just starting to feel a little better but still producing a lot of phlegm off my chest which is just gross! Its worse in a morning and at night and I cant wait for it to go away altogether. I've missed my cold remedies that actually work - hot lemon doesn't help much!

My boy is getting stronger and stronger, a lot of his kicks now make my belly move or wobble lol its really weird to see but I love it! I think he's had a growth spurt this past couple of days as my bump has been really sore and tender, it seems to happen this way every couple of weeks. I guess its just my insides and outsides adjusting!

We're getting there with the baby prep at home, we have our wardrobe and dresser up. We haven't made up the cot bed yet but as baby wont be using it for thr first few months theres no rush, plus we want to finish up the nursery first to make space for it. We've ordered a decal for the wall of the nursery too - its a woodland theme, with a tree and flowers and cute animals like fox, deer and rabbits.

I just got a message today to say my pushchair has arrived at the store for me to go collect it so I'll go pick it up one night this week.

We have the health visitor coming to see us on Monday. They are responsible for baby's health after I stop seeing the midwife when little man arrives, until he reaches school age. They follow a national child health programme and do weight checks, vaccs etc. Hopefully the lady we have coming will be friendly, I called today to bring forward the appointment for an hour and she seemed nice enough.

I do also have a few other appts coming up - 16th Jan seeing Midwife for a check up and then 29th Jan for a scan and apt with my consultant to check little man is growing properly.

Its pretty much set that I'll be starting my maternity leave from work on the 21st Feb, so I have about 7 weeks left. I'm just hoping it goes quickly and I stay healthy in the meantime. Being ill, pregnant and not sleeping and trying to work full time is pretty exhausting!

Sadly, DH's granddad died on new years day. Only about 6 months after he was diagnosed with cancer. So very sad but he passed peacefully in a hospice with his wife and children at his bedside. The funeral is going to be on the 15th Jan. As he was Major of the town its likely to be a busy and fancy affair.

Otherwise we're doing great here, we're making good progress on our decorating around the house and managing to slowly but surely get ready for our little mans arrival. I'm getting so excited to meet him already

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