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January 6th, 2014, 02:35 PM
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My cycles are pretty regulated. I am not on Birth control and have not been for 3 years. I typically have a 29 day cycle. I had my last period on 12/7/13. On 12/5/13 I had sex which I believe to be was protected (condom).
After coming home for the holidays, I had sex with a different man, my ex boyfriend on 12/20/13. According to my projected ovulation date, this was my most fertile day. We did have sex with a condom, and he did ejaculate inside of me with the condom on. I also noticed that my cervical mucus was increased on this day, clear,etc.

I have had extremely sore breasts which I never get, and strange gurgling noises and butterfly feelings in my stomach. I thought I was sick with a fever, but my temp. was 98.3 for a few days.

On 1/2 I took a pregnancy test which was negative. On 1/3, I woke up with spotting. It lasted for an hour then stopped. It came back in the evening. I have had on/off spotting, moderate now light, for three days (it just ended). My periods are usually extremely painful, and heavy.

I took another pregnancy test today, which came out to be negative but it was a faint line, so I am guessing I did not urinate long enough (I have had UTI feeling/symptoms as well).

I am now past my projected due date for period. Should I wait again to test? What are your thoughts---could I be pregnant, even though a condom was used? Also, is there a chance I got pregnant the first time I had sex, two days before my period 12/6? or would it more than likely be from sex on the 12/20 (my most fertile day)?
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