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January 6th, 2014, 02:50 PM
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hi Amber!!! you've been on my mind I hope tomorrows check up brings nothing but great news. I hope wed your transfer goes smoothly & the 2ww goes by quickly!!! I know its so hard not to think about anything else, but i'm glad you're planning ahead with the movies. that's really smart!
I also love that you have your pg tests all ready. hubby wouldn't let me have any in the house. he knows I have no self control lol.

hubby and I are going to do another round. we will decide on your transfer day which clinic we will go with . the new doc (dr sher) sooo many pros!!! he's sooo kind, very knowledgeable, I could go on & on about him. his only con, they are sooooo much more expensive! our 2nd option is dr severino. he is at the same clinic as our 1st round. we requested him, but he didn't want to take us on mid cycle. he is also very very kind! I met with him today & he said he was sorry for not being able to be our dr & offered us free freezing if we got extra embryos & an FET!!! i'm soooo torn. hubby does not want to use the clinic we did our 1st round with, but financially it makes more sense.

sorry I rambled. you will be in my prayers! I'm excited to hear how everything is shaping up for you!

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