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January 6th, 2014, 05:27 PM
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Don't trust weight guesses on ultrasounds. 86% of the time they are wrong!!!! I always think "Why the heck do we even do these anymore?" Haha. We have babies come out weighing 6 pounds that we're measuring 8 pounds on ultrasound or vice versa. So... I think it's best to go by history. Marsi was a big baby. That is no secret. Haha. This little man is probably going to be on the big side too. If I were you I would induce at 39 weeks... Forceps are a scary thing... I have seen a million and 1 forceps deliveries and they still make me nervous every single time. If my babies were that big I would induce. Also... Since your a 2nd time mama your induction and labor will most likely be a million times easier. In L&D we call first time moms primates and moms who already have children multips... And multip inductions and labors I would say 90% always go smoother. If I personally had to choose between an extremely large baby and possible forceps again or a 39 weeks induction I would be all over the induction. Haha. So many mamas get elective inductions at 39 weeks for no reason and do great. You at least have a reason. Up to you mama but that is my opinion.

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