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January 6th, 2014, 05:42 PM
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1. My son was just served by the Sheriffs department with a Restraining Order - with his soon to be ex-wife in the sheriffs car. He is not allowed to go near her (normal), the children (normal) or the dog!!!!! Has anyone ever heard of a Restraining Order protecting the dog?

2. The last time he has seen his car (no, it is not Community property according to his attorney because it was given to him by my wife and I, his parents and not purchased with community assets) she drove away from our son's house in it. That was about a month ago. One of his "abusive acts" against her - not telling her it was going to break down!!! Funny, it worked just fine a month ago and he has not seen the car since, nor is he allowed to fix it because of the Restraining Order!!!! He is an auto mechanic by trade.

3. The police department in the town she lives in (50 miles away) just called him asking where the car is because they are looking for it. The last time he saw it she was behind the wheel and all he saw was its brake lights.

OK, ladies, what's going on? BTW, for all the instances of his alleged abuse against her and the children he has witnesses that he wasn't even there at the time (one of them he was with my wife and I having dinner).
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