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January 6th, 2014, 05:56 PM
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I saw my doctor the other day and left her office in tears. She told me that she will not do anything medically to help me until I loose weight. Even my DH who was in the room with me says that she was unnecessarily harsh. Most people say to me, "Well if your doctor says you are too fat to ovulate then it is true." Others have told me to get a second opinion. She says that I will not ovulate till I loose weight and she wont help me ovulate with medication until I loose weight.

Out of anger at her actions and words I have started a workout plan. My DH says that fueling that anger at what she said into a plan will help me. I do not know that for sure or not. Either way, it was a big hit to my heart and to my emotional state. I am not overly overweight. My DH and my friends say I am "curvy". My weight, because I was always very skinny until college has been a very deep wound. My Ex-husband always berated me about it, wether it was an extra 5 pounds or more. He tried to tell me what to eat and if I ate something he thought I should not have, I got a lecture.

Now to have my OBGYN, whom I have trusted for years now, act like she did and say the things that she did, basically telling me the months of failure are my fault because I am fat, I feel so angry at myself. I feel like I am a horrible Mother to be because she says that I have not taken proper "care of myself" and have not "done what was necessary to prepare myself for pregnancy."

She told me that my weight will make me not ovulate. I have multiple friends who are much more overweight than I am that have had multiple healthy pregnancies and births and now have happy and healthy children. She says that my weight is screwing with my periods and causing them to not be right. She said that as long as my cycle is shorter than 25 days or longer than 35 I wont ovulate. Mine are averaging 40 days. Again, I have a good friend who has two to three periods a year that has had 2 happy baby girls who are now age 3 and 1.

I feel like my OBGYN is putting me into a box along with every other stereotypical woman on the planet trying to scare me. All it has done is tick me off.

Has anyone else ever had their OBGYN tell them things like this?? What did you do??
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