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January 6th, 2014, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by rusticbythesea01 View Post
This cycle, since I'm about to o...using opk's, preseed, drinking lots of water, and pineapple core. (this will be my 1st cycle using preseed & pineapple core, so I hope it works!!!)
We have been using preseed as lube all 3 cycles, and no luck. We tried only once to use the 1/2 amount suggested, but it was so wet, Dh could not feel anything so we had to wipe it up. Its great at lube though!

Originally Posted by MusicFanatic79 View Post
I'm doing the same thing I have the other cycles. Temping and OPK's. We're "just" on cycle 3, I know it can take time. So my plan is to be patient, I know it will happen.

I'm sorry it doesn't appear to be your cycle!
FWIW, I have lots of friends with winter birthdays (or their kids) and I always go to their parties through snow and cold Has never ever impacted their parties. I actually love the idea of a winter baby. A nice snuggly warm newborn <3 Plus this time of the year is magical to me, that would make it even more special. Also, I love the idea of not being huge and pregnant in the summer! hah
We are just about to finish cycle 3, and for us it's more like "It's been 3 cycles!!!!" We never expected it to take this long since it seams that everyone in our life get's pregnant so easy. I honestly hate the holidays, never had any good memories as a child. Maybe having a winter baby could make the holidays a joyous time for me. :-)

Originally Posted by Urchin View Post
I looked at your chart...don't loose hope yet sweetie! Not until AF shows. Plus, you seem to be temping at various times, so that can make a pretty significant difference in how accurate your chart is!
My temp times are all between 6:30 and 7:30am, so not a huge difference in time. I take my temp every time I wake up, so even if I fallback asleep I take it when I wake up again, and it's normally the same even if I only got another hour of sleep. I wish you were right though. I've been moody and ****** all day, and craving chocolate which is a sign AF is coming.

Originally Posted by SassyMama View Post
I'm working on trying to get my sleep schedule straight this week (going to bed at a normal time and waking up at a normal time) so I can start temping the last few days of this cycle and next cycle. I might do the OPKs again next cycle, too.
I always wake up around the same time for temp taking, just been a little off because I have been waking up really hot and thirsty the last week. I would LOVE to get to a point where I go to bed at the same time every night. Right now it's anywhere from 11pm-2am.
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